Matthew Dear Presents Audion Live: Subverticul

Noise Pop 2014 Matthew Dear Presents Audion Live: Subverticul

Wed. 02/26 | 9:00PM - Wed. 02/26 | 11:00PM @ Mighty (map)

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Fact: An audion is a transmitter, a vacuum tube that became the blueprint for electronics ranging from the radio to computers. It was designed in 1906 by Lee de Forest, and used to boost radio signals to make things like long distance telephone calls possible.

More exciting fact: Audion is also a project of minimal techno artist Matthew Dear, and its sole purpose is to get the signal from your brain to your body that it's time to get dancin'.

Listen to the single “Motormouth,” Dear's latest release under the Audion project since 2009, and you won't be able to resist. Half-formed syllables form a slinky, slippery loop that twists and snakes between relentless beats. It is an example of the best of Audion's songs, stacked on every rhythm are more rhythms in the form of clicks, beats, scratches and synths that pile on until you're unable to guess what's coming next. You think you've reached the climax of the song, until you're proven wrong again and again. And then it ends, and you can finally collapse, exhausted, on the dance floor.

“Motormouth” and “Sky” are Audion's newest tracks since 2009, included on the new compilation Audion X (You can also expect a new Audion LP and more tour dates in the spring). Inspired by Detroit techno, the project has been fueling dance parties beginning with its 2004 EP, Kisses, but the man behind the music has been up to much more than that. Dear is an artist eclectic enough to need several aliases, and talented enough that each has earned him critical acclaim, such as a place on Pitchfork's Top 100 Songs of the Decade and four star reviews from several music magazines. You might have heard him under the names Jabberjaw or False, or heard his remixes of XX, the Postal Service or Chemical Brothers. He is a DJ, producer, band leader, and a co-founder of the record labels Ghostly International and Spectral Sound. And he wants to make you dance. Emily Daly

Matthew Dear Presents Audion Live: Subverticul

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