STEREO TOTAL, Super Adventure Club, Giggle Party

Wed. 05/01 | 8:00PM @ Rickshaw Stop (map)

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  • 15 People
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Touring behind a brand new album, Cactus vs Brezel! "Though they're based in Berlin, the witty pop group Stereo Total draw bandmembers and musical influences from across Europe. Vocalist/guitarist/drummer Françoise Cactus is French and vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Brezel Göring is German, and the group has included members from Italy, Scotland, and Bohemia. Their 1995 debut album, Oh Ah! on Bungalow Records, introduced their kitchen-sink approach to pop music, which embraces punk, hip-hop, disco, '60s pop, and rock from France, the U.K., and the U.S., as well as electro and new wave elements." --Allmusic.com


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