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Sat. 03/02 | 7:00PM (Doors) - Sun. 03/03 | 1:00AM @ Slim's (map)

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It takes a lot to live up to the hype surrounding a new religion. It takes even more to live up to the hype surrounding a great band. YACHT is living up to they hype of a movement, a vision, and a sound. 

Existing in the triangle of Portland OR, Marfa TX, and Los Angeles CA, YACHT is the child of Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans. Their brilliant creation evolves to include a full band while touring, one that recreates their artificial sounds with actual instruments. It is part of what makes them a stand out act among the expanding scene of dance-punk-pop. 

For not only is it the drony-rythmic sounds of tunes such as “Psychic City,” or the head-bobbing peppiness of “Second Summer” that generates interest. It is the all-encompassing vision of a lifestyle, surrounding a conversation of the metaphysical. They have more to share than a great sound and a stunning live show; they have given their audience a band, a business, and a belief system. 

And yes a belief system that has it’s own bible: The Secret Teachings of the Mystery Lights: A Handbook on Overcoming Humanity and Becoming Your Own God. It is even available free in digital form. YACHT offers free use of their entire works, part of their futuristic beliefs. 

And that is why they stand apart, because they create from their beliefs. They put the music front and center and add to it energy, creativity, and passion. It can be heard as you listen to their polished albums, it can be seen at their visually explosive shows, and it can be felt as one embraces the entire experience. YACHT is a sum that is greater than its parts, and one that is made up of many fine pieces. CHAD R. MITCHELL

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Future Twin was originally brought together by the first all girl moped gang in San Francisco,  The Lockits. They became fast friends and were soon waxing synth songs,  huffing gasoline and making shred tents. Now consisting of Jean Jeanie (gtr/vox/field recordings), Antonio Roman-Alcala (drums), Jo Bleak (rhythm & bass), and Dan DK (synths & bass), their music juxtaposes a tangible beauty with an honest grit that can only come from a band birthed and breathing in San Francisco’s Mission District.  The band has announced the dual release date of July 31st for the new Resist 7" as well as Future Twin Deluxe Edition, a limited edition cd release combining the new 7" along with the 5-song EP/cassette Situation. The single “Situation” is available for free download, and the video for “Landslide” was premiered by Impose recently. The band will be playing San Francisco this summer, and will also be hitting Brooklyn, NY for a pair of shows as well.

In addition to performing and recording, Future Twin creates various situations from inciting groups of people to obscure their identity in public places, championing public art projects such as murals and guerilla-style outdoor music shows, and sowing the occasional renegade farm on institution occupied land. In other words, “Giving a shit is the new not giving a shit,” according to Jeanie.

The name Future Twin comes from artist and muse, Yukako Ezoe (Lockits co-founder who works as long standing SF-based mural non-profit Precita Eyes). The concept behind the name is about imagining the type of person you want to become, and designing your life towards her or him.  Taking notes from the likes of Sonic Youth, Fleetwood Mac, Animals and Men, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Spiritualized, 90’s punk band Hickey, CAVE and others, Future Twin draw inspiration and influence from disparate sources. And since the band’s inception, situations have transpired, people were motivated to get up or get out, landslides shifted the conceptual mindscape…but adaptive by design, their pirate ship keeps sailing. “We design our lives towards who we want to be, becoming our own future twin,” Jeanie declares. And their music, no doubt, embodies that sentiment.

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