Noise Pop 21 Rogue Wave, Wymond Miles, Mwahaha, BrainStorm

Fri. 03/01 | 8:00PM (Doors) - Sat. 03/02 | 1:00AM @ Bottom Of The Hill (map)

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Life is about the one-way ticket, or at least it is for Rogue Wave frontman Zach Rogue. In March of 2002, Rogue bought himself a one-way plane ticket to New York from his native San Francisco, in search of some fresh perspective, and a creative release. Once in New York, Rogue teamed up with friend Bill Racine hoping to record just a song or two. Instead, Rogue came away with an album’s worth of material that would eventually become Rogue Wave’s debut album, “Out of the Shadow.” With the insight and inspiration, Rogue returned to the Bay Area with his nearly completed album, and left his then band, the Desoto Reds to work full-time on putting together Rogue Wave. Eventually Patrick Spurgeon (keys, vocals, samples, drums), Sonya Westcott (bass, vocals), and Gram LeBron (guitar, keys, vocals) would join in to round out the band. 

Evan Farrell replaced Sonya Westcott in 2004 (Farrell left the band on good terms after recording Asleep at Heaven’s Gate and passed away in an Oakland apartment fire in 2007) and Dominic East replaced Gram LeBron on guitar in 2007. The current Rogue Wave incarnation includes Rogue, Spurgeon, East, and Cameron Jasper who joined in on bass in 2009. 

“Out of the Shadows” was released privately in 2003 and then re-released in 2004 when the band went on a national tour in the fall of that year after gaining a significant amount of traction. Their sophomore album, “Descended Like Vultures,” was released in October of 2005. 

Since then Rogue Wave has transcended the small, but strong embrace of the Bay Area indie-pop scene, with their singles being featured on shows like Cougar Town and The Vampire Diaries. Spurgeon was also the focus of a documentary about his struggle to find a kidney donor (he was born with a single kidney), which was featured on PBS series “Independent Lens.” Rogue Wave released their fourth full-length album, “Permalight,” on March 2, 2010. After a year and a half hiatus from playing shows, Rogue Wave returned to the stage last June and began work on a much anticipated new album expected for release this year. MAEVA CONSIDINE


As the lead guitarist for beloved San Francisco band Fresh & Onlys, Wymond Miles turned heads with his deft melodies and remarkable string work. He’s applied these skills to his two acclaimed self-recorded solo albums and single handedly produced records that are hauntingly introspective and deeply personal, playing virtually every instrument himself. His shows are as intimate as his EPs, stories of growth, loss, and change in a tumultuous world. While his work with the Fresh & Onlys is far from over, it’s exciting to see where else Miles’ creative outlet will take him. MITCH KOCEN


It wasn’t until a few listens in that the music clicked. These songs are all about the details and nuance in them, and they deserve your full attention because that’s when they become something more. Mwahaha can be compared to many bands, but even with their many influences, they still remain their own, a calculated (without being boxed) blend of current and classic music inspirations, experimentation and the well worn, digital and analog. The sound is one of a dreamy, even trippy experience. The lyrics are easy to miss the first time around but they’re another layer to the music that adds that something extra. Mwahaha can switch back and forth from moody and dark to poppy and bright swiftly, but they somehow keep it from turning into an emotional rollercoaster. Mwahaha’s debut album is a slow burn, but give it the chance it deserves.

Portland’s beloved experimental-pop group Brainstorm makes their highly anticipated arrival to San Francisco following their recent international tour. Made up of guitarist Patrick Philips, drummer/keyboardist Adam Baz, and bassist Dasha Shleyeva, the ground effortlessly spins immersive, daring, and artsy tunes. With a sound that draws upon a multitude of eclectic influences, including world music and funk, Brainstorm is known for unpredictable and unique sounds. Their live shows are particularly renowned for being lively concerts, full of surprises, harmonies, and the occasional tuba solo. MITCH KOCEN

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