The Bay Bridged Presents: Noise Pop Happy Hour with Golden Void, Wild Moth, DSTVV

Fri. 03/01 | 5:00PM - Fri. 03/01 | 8:00PM @ Bender's Bar and Grill (map)

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The members of Golden Void have been connected musically off and on since they were teenagers. After playing in various bands together and apart throughout high school and the intervening years, Isaiah Mitchell (guitar/vocals), Aaron Morgan (bass), and Justin Pinkerton (drums) coalesced as Golden Void after Mitchell’s move to the Bay Area in 2009. When the group realized they needed a keyboard player, the addition of Camilla Saufley-Mitchell seemed only natural. Listening to their self-titled debut album, the high level of musical kindredship that only comes from playing music together during those formative years is instantly apparent.


Thoughtful and sludgy post-punk with a heavy dose of melodicism. Wild Moth truly embody the DIY aesthetic and have energized San Francisco's fluorishing punk scene. "Wild Moth play a visceral, noisey, and discordant style of post punk. This four song 7" inch is the band's latest release and let me just say that it kicks ass on so many different levels. Wild Moth pair unbridled punk aggression, with a melancholic vocal delivery and tie the whole package together with fuzzed out, reverb drenched guitars that wash over the listener, leaving you wanting more...Highly recommended! Enjoy!" -- The Elementary Revolt

DSTVV makes powerful music, powerful in the “turn the amp up and let the distortion do the work” kind of way, while at the same time, powerful in the “soul stirring melodies” kind of way. Led by Internet celebrity Joel Cusumano, DSTVV is a band we should all be following.


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