Noise Pop 21 - Pretty Lights Music Tour featuring Paul Basic, SuperVision

Thu. 02/28 | 7:30PM (Doors) - Fri. 03/01 | 1:00AM @ The Independent (map)

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Are you a creaky old guitar riff or funk melody, desperately hoping to have some life breathed back into you? If so, Paul Basic would like to meet you, take you apart, and make you something much better than you were before. The Colorado-based producer (known as Paul Brandt when he’s off the clock) has been taking the electronic world by storm with his fusion of abandoned samples and a pounding beat that simply won’t quit. His tracks range from high-octane club thumpers to slow numbers so sultry they’d make Portishead green with envy. Every one of his songs is inescapably catchy and irrepressibly danceable. Basic has been touring heavily, often accompanied by Pretty Lights himself. 

If Paul Basic’s electronic drumlines seem particularly well built, it’s because he’s used to working with them in analog; in his highschool years he was the drummer for a band before going off to school to study audio production. If you’re having a hard time pinning down which coast his tracks are most influenced by, it’s because Basic criss-crossed the country looking to soak in as many styles as possible before making his triumphant return to Colorado. Upon his return, he’s deftly synthesized elements from the best PLM electro hip-hop has to offer into his much beloved debut EP “The Mirror,” released in 2011 on fellow electro impresario Pretty Light’s personal label. Since then, Basic has been touring heavily, often accompanied by Pretty Lights himself. 

Paul Basic’s shows have a reputation for being sweat-drenched dance explosions known to keep crowds moving for hours. With his driving bass and expectedly blended samples, it’s sure to be a show you’ll be talking about for days, full of inventiveness and complexity. He may be Basic, but his shows are anything but simple. MITCH KOCEN

Not content to be pigeonholed into a single genre, Richard Blake Hansen, under the name SuperVison, produces tracks that defy categorization. Catchy and daring, his songs challenge your preconceptions of what goes together, like a peanut butter and bacon sandwich. After landing in the Colorado electro hip hop scene in 2002, SuperVison studied under some of the biggest names in the business. Now recording and touring with Pretty Lights, SuperVison has been lighting up dancefloors since his 2011 debut. MITCH KOCEN


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