OBN III’s / FUZZ (Co-Headline), Blasted Canyons, G. Green

Noise Pop 21 - KUSF.org presents OBN III’s / FUZZ (Co-Headline), Blasted Canyons, G. Green

Thu. 02/28 | 7:00PM (Doors) - Fri. 03/01 | 1:00AM @ The Knockout (map)

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It's said that if you like rock and roll, you'll like OBN III's, pure and simple. An Austin-based ensemble named for the initials of founder and singer Orville Bateman Neeley III, OBN III's tears up a stage in the classic style of proto-punks The Stooges or The New York Dolls. Equal parts swagger and spitfire, Neeley leads the charge with a battle shout while his bandmates, Matt Hammer on drums, Jason Smith and Andrew Cashen on guitars and Graham Low on bass, bring a classic pummeling three chord attack, complete with screaming guitar solos and all-up-in-your-face attitude. Storming the Austin scene in 2010, OBN III's debut record, “The One And Only” LP, caught immediate fire in 2011 with the group's hyper rapid riffs and fresh approach to a well-tread style. Spreading their heavy Texas-sized take on punk rock, OBN III’s solidified their reputation on the road, spending the better part of a year amassing a following with raging live shows and that blistering, brazen sound. 

After their time on the highways and byways, OBN III’s got back in the their Austin studio and sweated out a simmering sophomore album, offering up last year’s self-titled LP. Just as furiously intense as their debut, OBN III’s show off a tighter than ever assault on your ears, dishing out an album that would be comfortable in the analog age, yet remains relevant today. In fact, the record sounds analog because it is, down to the tape. When OBN III’s share the headline spot with Ty Segall’s new band Fuzz this year, expect an all out rock and roll party like no other. CHARLIE SWANSON

Fuzz is the latest band started by Ty Segall and his touring guitarist Charlie Moothart (who also played on the 2012 Segall album "Slaughterhouse"). Their debut 7" was released in January on Trouble in Mind records and sold out soon after.

This San Francisco based trio puts the noise in Noise pop with their high energy punk sounds. Blasted Canyons is made up of Matt Jones, Adam Finkin and Heather Fedewa (frontwoman for The Wax Idols). The trashing of their take-no-prisoners songs have been rocking the foundations of the Bay Area and garnering the attention of the local press. With a reputation for raucous shows and an LP on the way, you’ll be sure to be hearing much more Blasted Canyons soon enough. MITCH KOCEN

Sacramento has always been a hotbed of garage rock goodness (seriously, I know it’s hard to believe but, for example, Mayyors and Bananas both call Sac home). Perhaps G. Green was born to keep this reputation strong, even though they lean more to the punk side of the spectrum. 

Listen carefully as singer Andrew Henderson screams or sings, with songs ranging from frenzied and noisy to structured and even kinda sweet. Not to mention these kids are kinda babely—go see them and you'll know what I mean. LAUREN ROSENTHAL

OBN III’s / FUZZ (Co-Headline), Blasted Canyons, G. Green

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