Echo/Echoplex Presents: Noise Pop Happy Hour with Francisco The Man, Kitten, Beach Party

Thu. 02/28 | 5:00PM - Thu. 02/28 | 8:00PM @ Bender's Bar and Grill (map)

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  • 42 People
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Named after an ancient vagabond from the novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude,” this band has nothing to do with San Francisco; except that they are playing Noise Pop and that we love their music. They are from Los Angeles, have an alterative pop sound, and know how to write a catchy tune. Francisco the Man is: Scotty Cantino (Vocals/Guitar), Néstor Romero (Bass), Abdeel Ortega (Drums), and Brock Woolsey (Guitar/Keys).


This Los Angeles based indie band is on their way up. Their sound is a look into the future of indie rock and combines epic melodies, pounding drums, and hauntingly beautiful vocals. It’s completely possible that in years to come this group will be at the top of the festival poster. Kitten is Chloe Chaidez, Lukas Frank, Bryan DeLeon, and Waylon Rector

This Los Angeles group is able to separate themselves from the hundreds of other indie pop rock bands by maintaining a certain edge and rawness to their sound. It’s music you want to dance to while you riot the streets and flip over cars.

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