Live 105 presents RADIO SOUNDCHECK CLUB SHOW Surfer Blood

Mon. 02/25 | 8:00PM @ Brick & Mortar Music Hall (map)

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Surfer Blood

When you think of Palm Beach, Florida, what comes to mind? Palm trees swaying gently in the balmy breeze? Scantily-clad bikini buxom babes rollerblading down an infinite slab of coral-colored concrete? How about anthemic, bombastic, life-affirming indie pop? If the latter didn't occur to you, let us introduce you to Surfer Blood: they call West Palm Beach home and, while still in their early 20s, have penned an album worth of catchy, summery indie songs that even the most hook-laden power pop band would rightfully be jealous of.

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Aaron Axelsen

Live 105 Music Director, DJ, host radio shows Soundcheck & Subsonic, throw parties at Popscene & Leisure San Francisco.


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